Lisa Hehnke

Lisa Hehnke

Hello, Reader!

This website is no longer actively maintained. You can now find me here.

I'm Lisa and I'm working at the intersection of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors to make a difference and facilitate social and organizational change.

After graduating from university, I ventured into academia as a researcher and lecturer for computational social science but soon realized that I was more passionate about solving real-world problems and connecting with people than my h-index. Fast forward a few years and I've co-directed a social start-up with the mission to build decentralized open source software, used data for good as a core team and project lead at CorrelAid, and served as a steering committee member of the Open Science MOOC to openly share scientific knowledge. More recently, I gained further experience as a public sector consultant and led an innovation project for a major German food bank to shape the future of food donations through digital solutions.

These diverse experiences strengthened my interest in developing solutions to complex problems that build bridges between sectors, fields, and stakeholders to co-create value for the greater good. By adopting a holistic view and bringing together scientific methods and human-centered design, I reframe problems as opportunities and make use of integrative thinking to connect ideas and, ideally, people. Beyond that, I'm strangely curious about the mechanisms behind aviation accidents, would invite Leonardo da Vinci and Amelia Earhart over for dinner, and advocate for doing the right thing.

As a freelance consultant and data scientist I help purpose-driven organizations create a better world by combining analytics and creativity to gain actionable insights from data and develop digital (transformation) strategies. I also give talks and facilitate workshops on future skills such as agile project management, design thinking or data and programming literacy as I strongly believe that people rather than numbers drive positive change. If you're interested in teaming up and tackling social or organizational challenges together, let me know and we can discuss potential solutions.