Lisa Hehnke

Blog posts

I also published several articles on CorrelAid's blog. Click on the following links if you're e.g. curious about exposing an American broadcasting network's birdie little secrets or if you're looking for data-informed recommendations on how to start social movements on Twitter.

Less opinions, more science

If you want to dig deeper into connecting something old (history), something new (contemporary scientific theories and methods), something borrowed (existing research), and something blue (RStudio's Modern theme), you can also check out some of my older academic works.

Fact meets fiction

I haven't been into writing fiction for the better part of the last decade, but I recently stumbled upon an old piece from 2008 that is, despite its imperfections, still important to me.

To Thine Own Self Be True is a fictional conversation between George Orwell and William Shakespeare, taking place on the eve of Orwell’s death on January 20, 1950. The story is loaded with symbolism from Orwell’s personal biography and covers themes such as the consciousness and repression of death. During their conversation, Shakespeare acts as an imaginary counterpart to Orwell’s own thoughts and attitudes on the dualities of life vs death, self vs society, and choice vs destiny. Contrasting their views eventually leads both characters to reflect upon the question of what can be learned from becoming aware of one’s own mortality.